5040-1842 *NEW* Armature for Delco 12V CCW


5040-1842 *NEW* Armature for Delco 12V CCW

Brand new high quality armature for Delco

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Description: Armature
OEM: Delco
Voltage: 12V
Rotation: CCW
Overall Length: 381.8mm
CE Diameter: 14.3mm
DE Diameter: 14.3mm
Commutator Bars: 23
Lamination stack height: 101.8mm
Body OD: 74.2mm
Shaft length from CE to bearing or bushing stop: 22.3mm
Shaft length from DE to bearing/bushing or thrust stop: 209mm
Set screw and 2 keyways on DE
For early Delco starters applications


300-12053 1852918 1907785 1917785 6101-2719 300-12053R 1842 5040-1842 83507 AR-1842N 35040-1842 50-2502 1852918 1907785 6101-2719 D2-3050N 1842 RAS5112 42-1842 SADR-1842 301122 64-01-4950 Z5040-1842 1842-Z

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