6650-500 *NEW* 12 Volt Solenoid for Ford Starters


6650-500 *NEW* 12 Volt Solenoid for Ford Starters

Brand New high quality solenoid for Ford PMGR starters on Ford, Lincoln, Mazda, and Mercury applications

*This solenoid fits many different applications. If you need help finding the correct solenoid for your starter, feel free to email or call us. 970-353-3121

Voltage: 12

Number of Terminals: 3

Battery Terminal: 8mm x 1.25

Motor Terminal: 8mm x 1.25

Switch Terminal: Male Spade (Left Hand)


E90Z11390A, E90Z-11390-A, F02Z11390A, F02Z-11390-A, F3VY11390A, F3VY-11390-A, F3VY11390B, F3VY-11390-B, F4DZ11390A, F4DZ-11390-A, SW2188, SW2207, SW2245, SW2502A, SW5038, 10-FO301, 10-FO301B, 7-995, SG-0806, SG-0812, FS-725, FS-725R, FS-725U, SW125, SFD6010, 526-032, 36650-500, 70-5902, SSMC-795, 66-205, S990, 742304, 10993, 993, 02701, 245-14003, 245-14011, F2-6007N, 1916M, 619-13725, SO-FO760, SO-FO760TD, 12475V, SNLS-106, ZM760, RSS325, 18-6291, 21-2050, SSFO-500, ZM-1-76090, ZM176090, ZM-76090, ZM76090