6691-9102 *NEW* Solenoid for Honda, Mitsuba 12V


6691-9102 *NEW* Solenoid for Honda, Mitsuba 12V

Brand new high quality solenoid for Honda, Mitsuba

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Description: Solenoid
OEM: Honda, Mitsuba
Voltage: 12V
Terminals: 3
Duty Cycle: Intermittent Duty
Mitsuba gear reduction starters on Honda applications


245-54004 6691-9102 10-MA181 10-MA183 7-750 SH0844 SH-0823L SH-0844 Sh-0850 MI-115 SMU6003 626-016 36691-9102 70-7207 SSMU-963 66-8502 CSD-8902 747501 31210-P01-005 31210-P13-904 31210-P30-005 MS2-6002N SO-MB606 12385V SNLS-603C ZM606 RA5102 21-85020 SSMS-9102 W455-69 ZM-60690 Z6691-9102

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