New Item: Fuel Cutoff Solenoids

July 19, 2017

We now carry brand new fuel cutoff solenoids for industrial engines. These are 100% new and manufactured to OE Specifications....

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New Item: 141-202 New Starter for Allis Chalmers

May 18, 2017

We now have in stock replacents for Delco 35MT (1113657) used on Allis Chalmers and Fiat-Allis applications with diesel....

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New Item: Wiper Motors

March 14, 2017

We have recently added a new section of products to our store! Brand new wiper motors. We have added the top 20 wiper motors currently available...

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New Item: Alternator Clutch Pulley Installation / Removal Kit

February 13, 2017

We have added to our inventory a whole kit for installing and removing alternator clutch pulleys. This is a 22 piece tool kit....

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Have a question?

February 02, 2017

To help our customers get answers quickly, we have added a chat box in the lower right corner throughout....

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New Feature - Shipping Cut Off Times

January 05, 2017

We have recently added a new feature to our online store. The shipping cut off time lets you know if a package will go out today...

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New Item: 190-9026 PLGR Starter

December 19, 2016

New stock item - brand new aftermarket 190-9026 PLGR starter for Denso on John Deere 24V applications. This is a planetary....

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Smith Co Electrical Remanufacturing

November 11, 2016 2 Comments

In addition to our new inventory, we have been in the rotating electrical remanufacturing industry for over 30 years, and still have an in house shop....

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New Item: OE Leece Neville M125601 Starter

November 11, 2016

New stock item - the original equipment Leece Neville M125601 Titan 125 Series Starter. This is a heavy duty 8kW PLGR starter....

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New Item: OE Mitsubishi Diamond Gard Starter

October 19, 2016

We now have a new item available: the Mitsubishi Diamond Gard Series PLGR Starter used on International Truck Applications with....

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CTEK Power Battery Analyzer

September 21, 2016

Did you know alternators and starters can be damaged because of a marginal or bad battery? It is always best....

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Generator to Alternator Conversions

September 08, 2016

Have a classic vehicle or old tractor with a generator? Upgrade to a higher output, more reliable, internally regulated....

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