Chrysler Gear Reduction Starter Upgrade

Chrysler, Plymouth, and Dodge applications from the late 1960's through the mid 1980's often came with a Chrysler offset gear reduction starter (part numbers 2095150, 2095219, 2098500, 2875560, 3656575, 3656650, 3755900, 4045359, 4091975, 4106114, 4111855, 4141359, 4145359). This original Chrysler style is no longer produced new, and can be replaced by the Nippondenso style offset gear reduction starter. The Nippondenso style, our part number 190-365, is a smaller, lighter, high quality replacement for the old Chrysler design. The 190-365 was used on Dodge pickup applications through the mid 1990's, and has proven in our experience to be a good replacement for the older models as well.

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