Massey Ferguson TO-20, TO-30 12V Starter Upgrade

April 28, 2017

On the older Massey Ferguson TO-20 and TO-30 tractors, it is common to see the original 6V system upgraded to a 12V system. Normally on old style Delco 6V starters, running on a 12V system is not a problem, however this particular application is benefited by converting the starter. The original Delco starter, part number 1109457, is thinner bodied and smaller brushed than most of the 6V Delco starter applications of the time. Our part number for the 6V version is 140-024. These do not always hold up well to the 12V system. 

Later Massey Ferguson tractors such as the Model 35, MF-65, and MF-50 used a very similar starter in 12V, but with a more common wider body and heavier armature and brush set up. These will bolt in place of the 1109457 because the body is shaved on the block side to allow the larger diameter starter to fit. Part number for the 12V starter is 140-025, and we stock it 100% new with no core charges.

*Always use caution when modifying a system. While Smith Co Electric deems this information accurate, we are not liable for problems arising from use of this information.*

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