Replacing 10SI Alternators with Delco 11SI Series

The 10SI Series of Delco units can be replaced by Delco's new 11SI Series. These are currently available both in new OE Delco, and new aftermarket. The most common mount 11SI is Delco part number 8600000 , or its aftermarket equivalent part number 240-6342 . These come supplied with an 8 groove serpentine pulley, but shaft sizes between the 10SI and 11SI are the same, and older V groove pulleys can be installed. 

11SI units can also replace the 12SI series as well as the Bosch K1 units in the same voltage and sufficient amperage. The 11SI runs a 4 pin regulator plug out the side of the unit, and comes supplied with a pigtail for wiring. The following link is the 11SI installation instructions from Delco included with the 8600000.

Delco 11SI Installation Instructions

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