Voltage Set Points

The voltage set point is the the voltage an alternator will charge at while running. This is set by the regulator in most cases, but new models may be set, and even adjusted by the ECM. In a normal 12V system, the voltage set point is usually around 14V.

Some alternator models such as the 10SI Delco series have a number of conversion regulators to adjust the voltage set point anywhere from 13.2V up to 18.6V. While most regulators are preset, some models are adjustable and allow the user to set the desired set point.

The voltage set point in 24V systems is usually around 28V, and the voltage set point on 6V systems is usually around 7.5V.


*Always use caution when modifying a system. While Smith Co Electric deems this information accurate, we are not liable for problems arising from use of this information.*

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