120-152 *NEW* PMGR Starter for Bosch 12V 9T CW


SKU: 120-152N

120-152 *NEW* PMGR Starter for Bosch 12V 9T CW

Brand new high quality replacement pmgr starter for bosch

Description: Starter
OEM: Bosch, Case, Lombardini
Voltage: 12V
Power: 1.4kW / 1.88HP
Rotation: CW
Starter Type: PMGR
Number of Teeth: 9T
Gear OD: 29.1mm
Mounting Ear Hole (2): 10.5mm unthreaded
1985-up and Mosa generator with Lombardini diesel engines

*For original equipment Bosch version see part number 0001115035*


120-152 18365 0001115035 0001109009 0001110042 MSN2030 SR5055X CM18365N SB-00237R 111-18365 SBO0102 0-001-109-009 0-986-022-500 112172 A1016373 90-18365 S-6224 S-18365 010403676S 402110022 CS515 LRS01439 57-4795 690.501.092 DRS0610 DRS3876 18365N 41-18365 SS305 IND-2169009 VOE9002901237 2-3163-BO 91-15-7076 STR22070 120-152N