120-551 *NEW* DD Starter for Bosch 12V 11T CW


SKU: 120-551N

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120-551 *NEW* DD Starter for Bosch 12V 11T CW

New high quality replacement for Bosch Starter on D150, D190, D530, D636 BMW Diesel Engines and Industrial Applications

Voltage: 12
Rotation: CW
Teeth: 11
Pinion Diameter: 40.7mm
Starter Type: DD
Power: 2.7KW
Mounting Holes: 13.5mm Unthreaded

*For Mahle version see part number MS137*

*For original equipment Bosch version see part number 0001362304*

0001362303 0001362304 12411333980 IS0736 IS1033 18236 91-15-7003 TS6080 120-551 20540106 2-2042-BO MS137 182-267