8200434 *NEW* OE Delco 39MT PLGR Starter 12V 12T CW


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8200434 *NEW* OE Delco 39MT PLGR Starter 12V 12T CW

Brand new original equipment Delco 39MT for Mercedes, Detroit Diesel

Critical Notes: For Use on 2015 or Older GHG14 DD13/15/16 Detroit Diesel Engines with 160 Tooth Ring Gear ONLY

Description: Starter
OEM: Delco, Mercedes, Detroit Diesel
Family: Delco 39MT
Type: PLGR
Voltage: 12V
kW: 7.3 kW
Rotation: CW
Teeth: 12T
Pinion: 43.5mm
3 Mounting Holes: 13.5mm ID unthreaded
Rotatable flange, electrical soft start, over crank protection, wet clutch
Detroit Diesel 13 and 15 and Mercedes MBE4000 engine applications

*For new aftermarket version see part number 141-725E*


8200434 6919 141-725E 19011514 19011525 8200082 8200084 8200287 8200298 8200329 8300013 MIB971179FL 105-6919 80-6919 90-6919 6910 6919N DEL-8200434 IND-2510434