150-135N *NEW* DD Starter for Ford 12V 9T CW


SKU: 150-135N

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150-135N *NEW* DD Starter for Ford 12V 9T CW

Brand new high quality DD Starter for Ford 12V 9T CW

Description: Starter
OEM: Ford
Family: Ford 4 1/2" Mod II
Voltage: 12V
Rotation: CW
Starter Type: DD
Number of Teeth: 9T
Gear OD: 25.3mm
Mounting Ear Holes (3): 10.0mm unthreaded
Stud Type Battery Terminal


150-135 3135 91-02-5803 SR10083X SR539X C6OF11001A C6OZ11002A C7ZF11001A C7ZF11001B D0ZF11001B D2ZF11001BA D2ZF11001CA D6BF11001AA D6DZ11002A SA633 SA705 CM3135 SG-0055R 106-3135 AXS968 3150-135 189-6069 187-6069 44-9643 SX1374 SX1375 S-2018 S-3135 C6OF-11001-A C6OZ-11002-A C6OZ-11002-A C7VF-11001-A D0ZF-11001-B D2ZF-11001-BA D2ZF-11001-CA D6BF-11001-AA D6DZ-11002-A S5566 S5568 S5572 S5587 SA-633 SA-705 X3135 X3135N 76069 76069N 76069HDN 44-9202 44-9643 449622 449643 25221 P3135 3135N 41-3135 AME-5029 2-1670-FD 3135R 67103