150-338 *NEW* PMGR Starter for Ford 12V 12T CW 1.4kW


SKU: 150-338N

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150-338 *NEW* PMGR Starter for Ford 12V 12T CW 1.4kW

•  1.4kW/12 Volt, CW, 12-Tooth Pinion
•  Ford PMGR Noseless PMGR
•  KW:1.4
•  TEETH:12

•  100% New
•  OE performance torque & output
•  High performance rare earth magnets
•  Field case assys. are 100% tested on a computerized gaussmeter to measure magnet strength & position
•  Zinc plated field case, solenoid, C.E. cover & hardware
•  Armatures are precision balanced & feature banded hairpins
•  Commutators are stake-welded & polished for longer brush life
•  Carbon brushes are welded - same as OE
•  Planetary gears feature needle bearings (rather than bushings)
•  Solenoids feature late style S-terminal with threaded post & include a spade terminal conversion kit
•  All component parts are OE interchangeable
•  Starter, drive & solenoid are endurance tested

Used On: Ford (1999-2014) , Lincoln (1999-2013)

Replaces: Ford 5L34-11000-AA, 5L3Z-11002-A, 5R3Z-11002-A, 6C3T-11000-BA, 6C3Z-11002-BA, 6L34-11000-CA, 6L3Z-11002-CA, 6L3Z-11V002-CRM1, 6R3T-11000-CA, 6R3Z-11002-A, 6R3Z-11V002-ARM, 7L14-11000-AA, 7L1Z-11002-A, 9L34-11000-AB, 9L3Z-11002-A, 9L3Z-11002-ABRM, DU2Z-11V002-CRM, F81U-11000-AA, F81U-11000-AB, F81U-11000-AC, F81U-11000-AD, F81U-11000-AE, F81Z-11000-AC, F81Z-11002-AA, F81Z-11002-AARM, F81Z-11002-AC, YC3U-11000-AA, YC3U-11000-AB, YC3U-11000-AC, Ford Engineering 5L34-AA, 6C3T-BA, 6L34-CA, F81U-AA, F81U-AB, F81U-AC, F81U-AD, F81U-AE, RM7U2J11A230DA, RM9L3411000AB, RMDU2J11A230CA, YC3U-AA, YC3U-AB, YC3U-AC 6646N 410-14043 SR7558X 91-02-5885