180-313 *NEW* DD Starter for Lucas, Case 12V 10T CW


SKU: 180-313N

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180-313 *NEW* DD Starter for Lucas, Case 12V 10T CW

Brand New High Quality Replacement DD Starter for Lucas, Case

OEM: Lucas, Case, Massey Ferguson
Family: Lucas M127
Voltage: 12
Power: 2.8kW / 3.75HP
Condition: New
Quality: OEM
Rotation: CW
Starter Type: DD
Number of Teeth: 10
Gear OD: 1.547in / 39.3mm
Mounting Ears: 11mm Unthreaded

*For OEM version see part number 180-313N OE*

180-313N 410-30007 410-30025 17649N 26357 26357A 26357B 26357C 26357D 26357E 27518 27518A 27518B 27518C 27518D 27518E 27520 27520A 27520B 27520C 27520D 27570 27588 27592 27596 27603 27603B 27603E NSB524 S5017 S5021 S5023 26925316A 26925316B 2873A030 2873B701 91-17-8879 91-17-8879N 063227603010 MSN802 11.130.526 AZJ3151 IS0526 MS347 66925089S 234986A1 182-184 180-465