340-36R *REMAN* Generator for Delco, John Deere 24V 10A

Smith Co.

SKU: 340-36R

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340-36R *REMAN* Generator DELCO, John Deere 24V 10A

Voltage: 24

Amperage: 10

Rotation: CW 

*Price includes core value of $100, refunded after return of rebuildable core*

Applications: John Deere Agricultural Tractor and Tractor-Utility 

Cross References: 9422R CG9422N 404-9422 APS9422 9422 31-1057 S340-36 80-9422 1103026 G09422 S09422 G-9422 AR11302 AR34567 TY1447 80-463-0 G-50036 33-2067 340-36