7940-7100 *NEW* 19mm Wide Conversion Pulley, Solid 1V


SKU: 7940-7100

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7940-7100 *NEW* 19mm Wide Conversion Pulley, Solid 1V

Brand New High Quality Conversion Pulley for Wide Belt Applications

Description: Pulley
Groove Type: V-Groove
Pulley Type: Solid
Grooves: 1
Inside diameter: 0.669in / 17mm
Outside diameter: 2.5in / 63.5mm
Belt Width: 0.748in / 19mm
Overall Thickness: 1.03in / 26.16mm
Nut Recess Depth: 0.283in / 7.2mm
Center of Rear Groove to Rear of Pulley: 0.598in / 15.2mm

  • Includes Nut
Application: Universal conversion kit for agricultural, industrial and marine applications

7940-7100 24-7100 201-01005 1214-P 1214P DA-835 GDR5002 A203 37940-7100 32-4904 1V-19-63-17 D1-5022 D1-5022-2 P-159 43579 APDR-7100 Z7940-7100