7950-2257 *NEW* S6 Solid Pulley for Ford Alternators


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7950-2257 *NEW* S6 Solid Pulley for Ford Alternators

Brand New High Quality Solid Six Groove Serpentine Pulley for Ford Alternators

OEM: Ford
ID: 0.669in / 17mm
OD: 2.756in / 70mm
Serpentine Grooves OD: 2.555in / 64.9mm
Thickness: 1.287in / 32.7mm
Center of Rear Groove to Rear of Pulley: 0.319in / 8.1mm
Pulley Grooves: 6
Groove Type: Serpentine
Nut Recess Depth: 0.528in / 13.4mm
Pulley Type: Solid

  • Cutout in Pulley Hub for Late Style DE Housings with Enclosed Bearings
Application: Ford 3G Alternators

7950-2257 7950-2256 24-2257 206-14008  F07U-10A352-A1A F07U-10A352-A2A F07Z-10344-A F0CF-10A352-AA F0CU-10A352-A1A F0CU-10A352-A2A F0CZ-10344-A F0CZ-10344-C F0DF-10A352-AA F0DU-10A352-B1A F0DU-10A352-B2A F0DZ-10344-A F0DZ-10344-C GP667 GP668 GP680 GP683 GP685 22-02-5031  6G-21-66-17 1304P 1304-P