7950-2265 *NEW* S8 Pulley for Ford 3G Alternators


SKU: 7950-2265

7950-2265 *NEW* S8 Pulley for Ford 3G Alternators

Brand new high quality pulley for Ford 3G Alternators

Description: Pulley
OEM: Ford
Groove Type: Serpentine
Pulley Type: Solid
Grooves: 8
Outside diameter: 69.9mm
Inside diameter: 17mm
Overall thickness: 34.9mm
Serpentine grooves OD: 67.4mm
Nut recess depth: 24mm
Center of rear groove to rear of pulley: 5.2mm
Ford 3G alternators on F Series, B Series and L Series heavy duty diesel truck applications


24-2265 7950-2265 208-14002 F5TZ10344AA GP718 1312-P 1312P AG-09331 FD-276 AFD5043 125-055 37950-2265 32-5914 8G-28-69-17 F5TU-10A352-AA F5TZ-10344-AA F1-5032 MT1-5031 P-308 43604 13-22650 APFO-2265 Z7950-2265