7950-2500 *NEW* Solid 2V Pulley for Ford Alternators


SKU: 7950-2500

7950-2500 *NEW* Solid 2V Pulley for Ford Alternators

Brand New High Quality Replacement Solid Pulley for Ford Alternators

OEM: Ford
ID: 0.882in / 22.4mm
OD: 3.374in / 85.7mm
Belt Width: 0.512in / 13mm
Thickness: 1.634in / 41.5mm
Center to Center of Grooves: 0.673in / 17.1mm
Center of Rear Groove to Rear of Pulley: 0.563in / 14.3mm
Pulley Grooves: 2
Groove Type: V-Groove
Nut Recess Depth: 0.894in / 22.7mm
Pulley Type: Solid
Application: Ford 65/90A Alternators on Truck Applications

7950-2500 24-2500 202-14002 GP484 1212-P 1212P FD-146 AFD5010 125-039 125-053 32-6202 2V-13-84-22.35 C7TF10A352A C7TZ10344A E2HF10A352AA E2HZ10344A GP608 202-14005 F1-5011 F1-5012 P-131 43539 13-25000 22-02-5014