8050-513 *NEW* Electronic Regulator for Ford 12V


8050-513 *NEW* Electronic Regulator for Ford 12V

Brand new high quality electronic regulator for Ford

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Description: Electronic Regulator
OEM: Ford
Activation: Ignition
Voltage: 12V
Circuit: A-Circuit
Polarity: Negative
Set Point: 14.7V
Terminal ID: Light-stator-ignition
10 second load response control, soft start
Ford 3G alternators


35-209 8050-513 230-14034 F5RZ10316A GR818 F786 AG-1031 AG-10328 FD-304 AFD6026 126-019 38050-513 138185 36-6008 102020 F5RU-10316-BA F5RZ-10316-A F5RZ-10316-B GR819 09-GR818 F1-6009 71-20006 20550007 FVR10934 F786 AVFO-513 YR-F38 F08-04 35-209-1 F786-B100 VRG36283 FDR786 Z8050-513

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