8050-508 *NEW* Severe Duty Regulator for Ford 1G Series 12V


SKU: V1210

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8050-508 *NEW* Severe Duty Regulator for Ford 1G Series 12V

Brand New High Quality Severe Duty Version of F540, 8050-508 Series Ford Regulators

OEM: Ford
Voltage: 12
Set Point: 14.2
Terminal ID: I Light, A B+, S Stator, F Field, Case B-
Condition: New
Series: Voyager
Adjustable: Yes (13.0-16.0V)
Field Rating: 10A
Case: Chrome
Application: Ford 1G Series Externally Regulated Alternators

V1210 8050-508 8050-508HD 8050-508XHD F540 F540E F540HD F540S F540SLD F540XHD F782 D4TZ-10316-A D9PF-10316-AA D9PZ-10316-A E2AF-10316-AA E2PF-10316-AA E2PF-10316-BA E2PZ-10316-A E2TF-10316-AA E4AF-10316-AA E4AF-10316-BA E4AZ-10316-B E4TF-10316-AA F0AU-10316-AA F0AZ-10316-A F0DU-10316-BA F0PU-10316-AA F0PZ-10316-A F0TU-10316-AA F0VU-10316-AA GR341B GR540 GR540A GR540B GR785 GR803 NCB701 VR508